Who Are Millennials - The Crack Epidemic

Who Are Millennials and The Crack Epidemic

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Who Are Millennials?

Millennials are the generation of people born between 1980 and 2000, although some accounts say between 1981 and 1995.  Then there is the talk of Generation Y.  Some say you can use the terms interchangeably and others note a very slight difference between the two.  So, who are millennials?

I must admit, I am having a hard time narrowing it down.  Both Generation Y and Millennials, whether they are one in the same or not, are still being studied.  However, there are characteristics that can answer the question.

Do a google search query about millennials and you will see they are not popular.  Older generations never like the new generation, so Generation X and Baby Boomers throw a lot of shade.  But also, millennials don’t like other millennials because certain characteristics make it easy for them to not like each other.

Traits Used To Answer The Question, “Who Are Millennials?”

This is different, but a lot of reports are coming out painting millennials in a more positive light.  You will quickly learn this is the most educated and diverse generation.  In no time, you’ll read that millennials are unique in that they were born into the advancement of social media.

Now, it’s no surprise the media is changing it’s tune.  Millennials are the largest generation and they make up close to 30% of the workforce.  That number is going to grow, so it is imperative companies understand and cater to their ways.   The generation is so large, if a company cannot figure out how to secure the generation as customers they will be out of business.  But again, it wasn’t always like this.  The media used to never have anything nice to say.

A few years ago, the media had a field day painting millennials as lazy, entitled and dissatisfied.  Apparently millennials are funny with their money, self obsessed, and disloyal.  Now, the shade analysts throw isn’t as blatant.  There are reports detailing their shortcomings in comparison to the success of their counterparts abroad.  In my opinion, this is a more diplomatic approach to the media’s daily millennial drag.  Another cloaked attempt to slander millennials becomes apparent when you read about how they are in the workplace.

Quick Side Note

It really bothers me that I don’t have a college degree but am able to unpack this idea.  After scanning through over 200 article about millennials, I haven’t came across this perspective. 

This perspective is one that could have changed the course of the generation.  Had this perspective trended, the negative characteristics of this generation would not be applicable and there would be more support. 

The fact this perspective is arguably one of the best answers for the problems of this generation but hasn’t been mentioned by all of the Drs despite the amount of research hours spent is quite disgusting if you ask me … kind of *like* what school taught these doctors how to do research?  Where they start the birth of this generation is simply beyond me.

What Happened To Millennials?

When people start to explain millennials and why they are the first generation to do worse than the generation before, they start with a coming-of-age story.

That when millennials were coming of age, the country was in recession.  Therefore the demand for educated workers was low. 

A lot of millennials wound up with college debt and underemployed.  This is the time used to answer, “who are millennials?”

When there is talk about the age millennials were born into – apparently, they were born into the age of technology, the digital age or the advancement of social media.


It’s a lie because there is an age millennials were born into but I promise you, it wasn’t the digital age, the age of technology or the advancement of social media.  If so, there would have been cell phones and social media in the 80s.  Millennials were figuratively born into those ages.  Not mentioning what they were really born into is a complete injustice considering they get nailed to the cross for being the worst generation to date.

Crack Cocaine Epidemic of the 1980s

Who Are Millennials - The Crack EpidemicIf you really want to know who are millennials, there can be no such discussion without covering Crack Cocaine hitting the streets in 1984.

This epidemic (while there) was damned near invisible in white communities.  However, in black communities, between the late 80s and early 90s, the devastation was pretty much irreparable.  If we take a look at metrics around children born shortly before and after crack hit the streets, you will see that any talk about a millennial’s shortcomings is a slap in the face.  The country and a particular community was going through something devastating.

The fetal death rate and low birth rate percentages in black families saw a substantial increase, as did the amount of children in foster care.  Also, the amount of crack related deaths and violent fatalities sky rocketed.  Doesn’t this sound like a breeding ground for adult dysfunction?  Everyone in an inner city was affected in some way, shape or form.

It didn’t matter where you came from or from what walk of life.  Just seeing what crack did to the streets was enough to leave someone with PTSD.  How do you talk about millennials and who they are without talking about what was happening in America between 1984 – 1997?  That is what they were born into, not technology.

The Millennial’s Take

Were you able to tell I am a millennial?  Well, there is a chance I fall into Generation Y or I am a cusper.  No matter what I am, I know I am as offended as the media portrays millennials to be.


It is a country that gives birth to a generation.  A generation does not birth its own self.  It’s the countries values, it’s the countries systems and institutions, and it’s the countries economy that elicit generational behaviors and responses.  Therefore, if America birthed the generation, why is no one talking about the injustice America has done to the millennials?

Don’t Compare Our Millennials To Chinese Millennials

Did anyone get a report on what crack-cocaine did to China in the 80s?  I mean, since y’all want to have reports talking about their millennials being ahead of us?  Is there a report about how crack didn’t just devastate one part of China, but it also effectively took decades of work done and suffering endured to diffuse cultural tensions and made it even more estranged.

America will always be looked at sideways for laws put in place to combat crack cocaine.  Besides that, anyone who takes sociology knows that foster care and being raised by any other institution other than your biological parents has adverse and lasting effects.  This is something that the millennial generation had to overcome that is never spoken of.

We had to carve our own way out of a country that was fighting a drug war.  Then, we had to cope with debt and underemployment.  Is there a report that details Chinese millennials entering the workforce 10 years ago?

America and the whole Enron scandal that ushered us into the Recession?  How did they not have securities in place to ensure these big hedge funds and companies weren’t being corrupt?  We are talking about our financial markets.  Do you know how many people who were about to retire lost the majority of their 401k behind that shit?  And where are the Enron people and everyone else involved?  Are they speaking up for millennials?  Their should actually be a class action law suit against America and then America can sue Enron, but I’m looking at it like millennials deserve restoration.

So, Who Are Millennials? 

How about the ones that got the shit end of the stick on every front.

Do you know what is going on with opiates and millennials currently?  Quiet as it’s kept and I mean quiet … so quiet, they’ve even decriminalized mom’s having children born addicted to opiates which are pain killers and heroine.  They didn’t didn’t decriminalize crack mothers, though, but I am not going to take it personal.  There is only one point that I am trying to make across the board, it doesn’t matter what color the millennial is or who are millennials:

STOP FUCKING TALKING ABOUT MILLENNIALS.  We are the way we are because of the stupid hand we are dealt.  To top it off, we aren’t even as bad as you think, like we could be worse.  I know I could be.

Everyday, I am going to make sure to let people know – we are not the worst generation we are the best generation and the coolest generation and for those of us that aren’t affluent … quit it with your case study because your findings are fucking stupid, they are offensive, and unwarranted given my REAL LIFE FINDINGS.

I would love to hear your take on this post.  What do you think about it?  How do you feel about millennials?  What have you heard?

If you have any questions about what I’ve said, please leave a comment.

You are insanely awesome for reading.

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