About The Millennial

Are you a Millennial?

Or are you just trying to figure out how to market to us?

If you are a millennial, are you an affluent one?

Or are you more like me, the statistic?

  • The highly educated be it through formal education or experience, but underemployed.
  • The easily offended.
  • Considered disloyal and lazy.
  • A job-hopper.

Those are a few of the terms that have resonated with ME.

If they have resonated with you or you fit the bill or you want to get a better understanding of worse part of the generation – the sect of millennials who got the shittiest end of the stick in history, then stick around.

About The Millennial

My life isn’t upside down.

What’s happening in it was very clear up until a few days ago.

I thought my decisions were the reasons my life didn’t go the text book way.

I had no clue I was a millennial and there were others!

… and weird things have been happening to ME in the workplace.

Just a month ago, I walked my Baby Booming manager through what I have been going through the past few years of employment.  His response was, “Yo!  You’ve had the worst luck!”

… he never mentioned anything about millennials and what we go through in the workplace.


Because as usual, the millennial gets the shit end of the stick and that is what he’s actually been giving me … but if I speak up about any gross disadvantage he’s exposed me to through neglectful management, somehow I’m dissatisfied or the proverbial millennial-in-the-workplace?

So, I am going to be the voice that really puts this stuff into perspective.

I mean, I remember the push for continuing education in the 90s, I remember Enron too.  I’ve read over 150 articles in the past few weeks and I haven’t seen mention of them yet.

I’ve seen how to market to us, our unfavorable characteristics and how to combat them.

None of the methods used to combat millennial behaviors gives respect our circumstances.

About Shonna

In order to be transparent, outside of being a typical millennial, I am a 36 year old woman who loves to talk, write, and make sense.

This year, when Trump took office, I vowed to revisit the idea that we could be whatever we wanted to be.

Now, I am working on being my own boss.

I am the owner of Every Bitch Should Have A Blog, Sneaker Headed, and now For Generation Y.

Finding out I am a millennial put a lot of things in perspective.  Of the 50 Google Alerts I get about Millennials in a day, less than 10% are a real voice … and none are talking about the uglier parts of the generation or making any sense of it.

This site is here to fill that void.

I would love some feedback and definitely some suggestions.  The possibilities are endless as to what we can examine and discuss.

Leave me an email at themillennial@forgenerationy.com